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Vintage barkcloth mannequin.

Isn't it fabulous when you find the prettiest vintage fabric and you know exactly what you're going to do with it....obviously, use it to create the prettiest mannequin ever!
More details of this gorgeous gal here

My 20th Vintage French Grain Sack Mannequin.

I finally got around to getting a couple of my vintage French grain sacks cut up! This beauty is my 20th vintage grain sack mannequin and I will squeeze another into my sewing schedule, I hope, this week.  I've also just taken delivery of two more. These are dated, (I love the dated ones) 1968 and 1964.

Some of them have these fabulous repairs...I'm assuming these were repaired by men. 

Whilst finishing this lovely, I had to stop and help youngest to make a pink tutu!  Just the usual stuff of parenthood I guess.  Doesn't it look lovely. :)

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