Cath Kidston Fabric Mannequins

If you haven't already been to the Cath Kidston website then here it is YOU MUST VISIT!!!
Her fabrics are so nostalgic, pretty, fresh, fun, joyful, etc etc.

I'm also working on a new range of Cath Kidston mannequins. Rosie was very popular and featured in BBC Home and Antiques (of the future!!) but I sold the last one last week as the fabric is no longer available from Cath Kidston stores.

I am happy though to be able to offer six new scrumdidlyumptious Cath Kidston fabrics, Faded Flowers (blue & pink), Rose Cotton (blue & white), Washed Roses and Paisley in pink.
I don't have any made up yet as I am so busy but they are available to buy on my website.


Lucy Bloom said...

Her fabrics are divine - as are your mannequins - beautiful and original. Love your blog and lovely to meet a namesake!
Lucy x

Lucy said...

thanks Lucy. The only trouble with Cath Kidston's fabrics is choosing which one to buy! I'm really keen on her bags too...I used to make bags using her oilcloths some years ago so I really ought to sew my own but I don't have the time. ah well...better start saving up!

Lotta said...

I just found you through ebay. Your mannequins are gorgeous! I'll have to start saving, I'd love to have one for my jewellery.

Lucy said...

thanks Lotta, I love Ebay but theres nothing so good as having your own website.

Lotta @ Silverknuten said...

Too true. And yours is lovely!

Sal said...

My dear hubby was only saying the other day that a mannequin is the only thing that is lacking in my craft room!! I should point him in your direction;-)

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