Flambards, Helston, Cornwall

Yesterday we all piled into the car and drove the 2 hour journey to Helston in Cornwall. I have a nephew who is working at RNAS Culdrose so it was the perfect excuse for a day at the seaside, not that I ever need an excuse for that. I rolled up my trouser legs and had a dip....(photos to follow...I think not!) and it was beautifully warm and as clear as tap water. Actually, I would be posting some photos from yesterday but I left my camera with my nephew! He's probably got it on Ebay as we speak!! (should you ever read this Rich, I'm only kidding).

Flambards is in Helston and as well as the usual roller coasters, merry go rounds and other theme park rides, they have a wonderful museum of Victorian and Edwardian mock up houses, streets and shops. It's fabulous and well worth a visit.

We didn't go yesterday but it did remind me that I have these lovely photos of the Edwardian corset and clothes shop. The mannequins were stunning (but sadly not for sale).

Could be me at the sewing machine!

What an incredibly waistline!

I'm very happy living in the 21st century but if I had a time machine it would be set to the Edwardian era. My little bit of savings would go along way then!

They also have a 1940s wartime home, shop and street. Which reminds me that we have been watching the 1940s House on DVD. If you haven't already seen it you must! My children were enthralled.


Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Lucy, oooh, I've only just found your blog! The museum looks lovely ~ I'd love to have a waistline like... well just a waistline that went in would be great.
Chat soon, Liz

Lucy Bloom said...

The museum looks really interesting, I wonder if they rent rooms for the night, how fantastic that would be!
Lucy x

The Fairyshoe maker said...

Flambards is very atmospheric! We loved it. Wonderful pictures!
The 1940's house is perfect to knit to.... very inspiring to make do and mend!
I love the blog!

livinginthepast said...

brilliant. I live near to Helston, so I will have to go in and have a look

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