Dotty madness and size envy.......

It's fabulous when one of my customers asks for something a little bit different, something new and refreshing to get my teeth (or sewing machine) in to. So when TG asked for a new version of Dotty I was so pleased. The Cath Kidston red paisley works so well with the creamy white linen.

I've shown her on an ebony stand for a classic vintage mannequin look.
Then I have other wonderful people asking if I can make a mannequin for them in a smaller size....well I'm very pleased to say that I can, at last, offer three size options....a standard 10/12, a smaller size 8/10 and a larger 12/14. The black seamless mannequin below is a size 8/10...she is a very petite mannequin and I am thinking of sending a large bar of chocolate to anyone ordering her!

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