Take a break.......

It was definitely time to get out into the fresh air and walk, walk, walk.........even though I love my job, too much time at the sewing machine results in very dull conversations with the husband. Now I can regale him with the wonderful scenery, sounds and smells of the beautiful English countryside...oh and isn't it glorious, even on a dull, cloudy day!

The beech leaves have turned to stunning oranges and golds.

I love black & white photos and thought I'd try a few out.


The Fairy Shoemaker said...

I have been tagged and I now youve been tagged! Visit my latest post to see the rules!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for reminding me about Richard. We had a cozy night in this weekend.
Wendy ;)

Michele said...

Hello Lucy
How I would love to do that walk again...
It really is so good for the soul to walk amongst the trees..
A little green with envy here!

Michele x

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