A busy Christmas and two new mannequins

After a gruelling month before Christmas with so many orders and only one pair of hands, the joy of resting, (mentally rather than physically I think) was wonderful. And with a few days to before the big day, we all got down to decorating the tree and home.

I haven't been completely off work though.......I couldn't help myself! I have been looking at this amazing faux fur fabric for weeks but couldn't find the time to make them so when I had a fews days spare I got stuck right in.....it was great fun and I hope people will like them. I've named them Nemara and Kali. More faux furs to follow.

I've also updated the website with a new colour. Highly recommend Pappashop if anyone out there needs a website. They are fantastic and with very reasonable hosting packages.

Happy New Year!!!!


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