A busy Christmas and two new mannequins

After a gruelling month before Christmas with so many orders and only one pair of hands, the joy of resting, (mentally rather than physically I think) was wonderful. And with a few days to before the big day, we all got down to decorating the tree and home.

I haven't been completely off work though.......I couldn't help myself! I have been looking at this amazing faux fur fabric for weeks but couldn't find the time to make them so when I had a fews days spare I got stuck right in.....it was great fun and I hope people will like them. I've named them Nemara and Kali. More faux furs to follow.

I've also updated the website with a new colour. Highly recommend Pappashop if anyone out there needs a website. They are fantastic and with very reasonable hosting packages.

Happy New Year!!!!



Mike said...

Hi Lucy, sounds like you have had a wonderful holiday - a Happy New Year to you! Clare x

The Thrifty Gluten-Free Mom said...

So glad to see a new post and that you have had a wonderful holiday season. Love those animal prints! My Red Teapot has moved if you want to take that poor empty box off your blog roll.
www.wendysredteapotdiary.blogspot.com. Blogger doesn't want me to have two identities so my food blog always pops up when I comment. I tink they discriminate against people with multiple personalities. Hope the new year brings you more business and more rest.

Redwoodhouse said...

Sounds as if you have had a great Christmas it is such a lovely time to have family around love the fancy dress on Boxing day great fun. The fur is amazing a completely different look. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Redwoodhouse said...

Hi Lucy, thank you so much for the positive comments I will certainly look into the web set up you have suggested. I am not that computer literate and need something as straight forward as possible.
As it happens I had given thoughts to make a card of a mannequin with a pretty corsage of flowers and sparkles. My two girls loved the idea for their friends and work mates..
How very kind of you to offer help if I get stuck...this is all quite exciting, even though it is just a card or two if I am concentrating on computing and carding who knows it might help the New Years diet along!!!!
Thank you so much
Jan x

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