Porthleven, Cornwall......

A trip to Porthleven today, visiting more family. When we left home it was beautifully frosty with clear blue skies. Slowly, as we moved westward, things began warming up. As we approached Truro a huge cloud, which looked like a mountain engulfed us. By the time we arrived in Porthleven the temperature had risen and the blue skies had been replaced with grey.

It was still bitterly cold though but that didn't deter the surfing dudes. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to pack my gear and so was only able to watch enviously on the breakwater and wish!!

Cornish Yeti !

After a walk about we found ourselves outside the local hostelry, The Harbour Inn......with all my good intentions out of the window I ordered the local fish and chips (a salad on such a cold day didn't have the same appeal). Needless to say, the meal was delicious.
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