Velvet Heaven

One of my favorite fabrics.....crushed velvet and I've found some fabulous scrumdidlyumptious shades! Just perfect for my seamless mannequins. Hope you agree??

Usually I name my tailored mannequins after the customer who first asked for that particular (usually Laura Ashley) fabric. But my seamless mannequins don't get the VIP treatment. Instead I dream up a word to describe the shade and it can be a bit of a challenge to come up with something that is new and gets across something more than just the photo which, as we all know on a PC, doesn't always match reality! So after much deliberation I now have, newly listed, velvet seamless mannequins in Amethyst, Lipstick, Woodland, Claret, Champagne, Nickel & Charcoal!


Zoe said...

These are lovely Lucy but I still prefer my Zoe. :)

shaki said...


These are nice but everyone does not like it

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