I promise....these are my last snow photos.

....but I went on a four mile walk in 18" of snow today and wanted to show you them. There are only nine. We walked from Moretonhampstead to North Bovey via the indirect route (ie over the hills) and then back on the "main road" to Moretonhampstead. What a fabulous, breathtakingly beautiful romp it was.

heavenly Moretonhampstead

caught in a blizzard, looking down on a barn but it could have been the little house on the prairie!

trees at Narramore Farm

At times the branches, full of heavy snow, partially blocked our way...thank goodness for my caterpillar boots!

North Bovey

the old Post Office, North Bovey

a watery sun shines through the snow laden sky
the long walk home

and my favourite photo of the day! I think Mum is on the left!
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