Buckfastleigh to Totnes by steam....

.......well not quite the centre of Totnes but a short walk away and you are there. We didn't actually get to Totnes as we only had a few hours to spare. We made our way back (via steam again) for a picnic at the station. The railway is run by volunteers and really is a lovely afternoon out. The sounds and smells of the engine are just wonderful!! I always think of Celia Johnson in Brief Encouter with a bit if grit in her eye....nearly brings me to tears too!

Staverton station

Buckfastleigh station
Yesterday we made our way to Okehampton train station which takes you up to Meldon Quarry. Not by steam this time but we did travel first class! There's a stunning cycle path which runs along the train track and takes you Meldon resevoir and beyond! Known as the Granite Way we are off on our bikes very soon with a picnic and camera.

Okehampton station.

View afrom the top of the Viaduct across the valley. You can just see the Meldon dam.

Meldon viaduct
Again it only took us a morning which is great if you want to get out and about but also need to get some work done at home. But I am planning on taking whole days out this summer. (steady on Lucy!)


Aline la Bergère said...

Beautiful pictures!! I wish I was with you...A.xx

Redwoodhouse said...

What a fabulous day out and the pictures are wonderful, I know what you mean about the film Brief Encounter it has to be one of my favorites.
Your china looks so pretty I have a terrible soft spot for pretty china, and yours is on such a lovely dresser I wish my Mr would let me paint mine.....

This Vintage Life... said...

I love 'old-fashioned' stations...there's definitely something very romantic about them.
Deb x

Melanie said...

Hi there, I hope you dont mind,but I've added your blog onto my blogroll on my site.

Take Care

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