Mix & Match Teasets

I've been wanting to add a new category on the website for a while now and over the Easter weekend I finally got around to added "Mix & Match Teasets". I hope it will fill up over the coming weeks with an eclectic mix of vintage (or just pretty!) pieces.

I love the look of a dresser filled with mixed up crockery. My own kitchen shelf is looking much more inspiring after a new coat of paint and a few of my favourite peices on display....my only problem is what to sell and what to keep for myself!

Hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing Easter weekend or like mine, busily doing all those little jobs that have been put off for too long.
Thanks for popping in, Lucyxx


Aline la Bergère said...

I would love to go shopping with you! Those are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. A.xx

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

The dresser looks perfectly placed and filled x

Mr Lee said...

So much prettiness.Wonderful!Hope your all doing well.We have created "The Last Supper" recently.Welcome to our blog
http://china-cutter.blogspot.com/We are hoping for your visit.

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

I love a mix & match table with lots of old floral plates and cups and saucers so I will take at look at your new stock!
Your dresser is so pretty ~ like you I always have a problem deciding what to sell and what to keep (I should sell it all really, but I only buy what I like!)
What's a girl to do?
Ali x

Ingrid Mida said...

Hi Lucy,
What a lovely idea! I think vintage tea sets are divine. My mother gave me her set of mismatched tea cups and saucers. They are just perfect for tea parties.
Have you ever looked at a blog called Cupid's Charm? Joy makes beautiful jewellery out of vintage plates and tea sets. You should check her out. I think the link is http://cupidscharm.blogspot.com

disa said...
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