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We've just joined the National Trust...again!! The last time was when the children were toddlers and it was not much fun having to watch them all the time when all you really wanted to do was soak up the atmosphere. Anyway, they're older now and its a great tim eof year to get out into those lovely gardens. I fancy Killerton House tomorrow..."Killerton, a fine 18th-century house, is home to the 'Paulise de Bush' costume collection, with over 9,000 outfits" so the brochure tells me (something for Ingrid I think!!).

The reason for my post was not just to tell everyone to join the National Trust (although that would be a good reason to post) but to share a fabulous time we had about this time last year. My nephew and niece in law were looking after this beautiful house, Puslinch. They had the whole place to themselves.....What a fantastic job!! So we went to stay for a night or two.

Parts of the house were rather empty of furniture which added to the surrealness of it all. It felt like a Stephen Poliakoff drama at times.

What a wardrobe...sorry should say amoire! Not sure if there wasn't someone in there. Theres a bit of a bulge!!

I love this bathroom with the painted panelling & pictures.

This was my favourite room. The pale green of the walls and the beautiful curtains. I wandered off to spend a few minutes on my own. It was great as it took my husband ages to find me! and the view was heavenly.
More painted panelling. I love it!

Beautiful oak staircase which I gracefully walked down imagining myself in an Agatha Christie film....yes I think I could play a rather good Miss Marple!
Lovely kitchen with just a few too many cleaning products on maids these days! Fabulous gardens with a tennis court. I wasn't very good in the tennis tournament. I think I may have even come last!

Well it was a magical time, filled with adventure and many, many day dreams! Hope Killerton House will be as wonderful.



Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Wow, this house looks amazing ~ lucky you to have actually stayed there! We do have NT membership, but you are right, with a toddler it is much more difficult inside the lovely properties, worrying about breakages! The gardens are perfect though...
Hope that Killerton House lives up to expectations...

crafty lady said...

What a beautiful property and what a wonderful experience it must have been to stay there- I am also a big fan of the National Trust and this year some friends and I have a plan to visit as many as possible in the West Midlands - also a good excuse to have a nice lunch out!!
Love your blog...

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