New back finish and stock updates......

I took some time off in April so that I could invest it in producing a new pattern for a more streamlined back finish and finally after many hours of anguish, some cursing and a few hours of staring into space and wondering "why?" I finally cracked it. It works beautifully with a lovely pattern like this Sanderson linen print called Amanpuri. You can see more photos on my website here

I've also added a few more vintage treasures... a beautiful floral oil painting.....

....and some rather lovely teasets. Just perfect for a Summer garden tea party!

I didn't get to Killerton House as I had hoped because I was picking up some old galvanised dustbins from our local tip. They are going to make fabulous (large!) garden planters. More on those later perhaps.
Hope your weekend went well too....Lucyxx


Redwoodhouse said...

Hi Lucy, lovely manniquin the fabric is fab. all that super china, and the picture, that is my favorite.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Lucy..
Please do tell if you do get to Killerton.
Every time we come down to Dartmoor we pass the turning for Killerton House and I say to Mr C... I would love to go there again!
We did manage to get to the car park a few years ago and as I was opening the boot of the car to find my National Trust tickets.. I realised with a sickening feeling in my heart that I had left my bag and suitcase behind at the inn in Slapton. We drove all the way back to find my bags still standing in the car park!!
One day we will get there...
Michele x

disa said...
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