Killerton....At Last!

Finally we went to Killerton! Its taken me weeks to get there as something has always come up. Last Sunday was their annual vintage car rally and some stunning, practically edible cars were shining in the glorious sunshine. I especially love this't remember what it was called and husband not here to ask but who cares isn't she a stunner....if I ever win the lottery (which highly unlikely because I never buy a ticket).

this one is a huge American car I think...not so pretty but wonderful all the same.

Another cutie...I think its an MG...why do I have a head like a sieve and find remembering names of things difficult. At this point my camera started flashing that the battery was low. What a burk! Just managed to get a few more snaps before it gave in.

This pretty pale pink shrub was amazing. The flowers were quite sticky to the touch. The little lantern shaped buds unfolded into a wide flower....quite lovely.

fabulous bark on this tree...just like a dessert camouflage fabric.

and these delightful bright purple and pink flowers from the primula family.

and on to the Bear's Hut. Built in the early 1900s it really is amazing. Beautifully thatched with an open fireplace.....

the rear.......

Wonderfully decorated ceiling of firs and matting......

and the floor was truly beautiful made with cut tree stumps. If I had an outdoor building I would recreate this look. There was also a stunning stained glass window dating back to the 1500s. I could have moved in (with my radio of course!)

These two very naughty, adorable lambs decided to head but on another. They were quite fearless as we strolled by, completely oblivious to our presence.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos of the interior of the house. I would have loved to have posted photos of the fashion exhibition but I do have a postcard of this superb advertising mannequin for CB Corsets from c1890. The CB stands for Charles Bayer & Co. I did have a 1920s advertising mannequin with the initials CB emblazoned on her chest.
I didn't know at the time what it stood for.

I've stumbled across this lovely website/blog too with some lovely images of gals in their corsets! Lucyxx
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