Ooh Betty!

What a beauty you are!

I love this vintage 1930/40s heavy barkcloth fabric and knew instantly that it would make a fabulous mannequin. It has a wonderful textile.....strong, weighty and such colours!! Peonies one of my favourite flowers too. I'll be sorry to say goodbye to Betty.

You can see more photos here http://www.corsetlacedmannequins.co.uk/catalog.php?item=227
As well as keeping up with orders, including a yummy purple suede mannequin (pictures to follow), I've been busy with my new child mannequins. I'm going to use my seamless fabric for these as they are so bright and cheerful.

Hopefully some "new" vintage mannequins to be added to the website soon and of course some more stunning vintage fabric limited editions.

Many thanks for dropping by, Lucyxx


The Red Velvet Shoe said...

Dear Lucy,

I've had your amazing boutique listed in my blog roll for years, and just realized you have this blog! I can't wait to take a peek around. I dream of having one of your lovely mannequins to use for my vintage clothes photographs!


This Vintage Life... said...

You bring the bucket, I'll bring the spade!
Deb x

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

This is beautiful Lu, the fabric is so vibrant it makes you feel as if the flowers must be pressed onto it! This must be my favourite so far apart from the Normandie, Stowe.... and a million others! Superb! Ren x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Betty is indeed a beauty, Lucy!

I saw your wonderful work on Lizzie's new blog recently - she took some fab photos - the corset back is just stunning. You work so hard!


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