Hard Cheese!!!!!

I don't know why but Terry Thomas, Ian Carmichael and Alistair Sim sprang to mind in School for Scoundrels when I began working on this Union Jack covered male mannequin. Fantastic film made in 1960 so if you haven't seen it then you must....and thats an order!! That happened to me too....I became really bosy....very Sergeant Majorish!

I'm going to offer two versions of Jack......a striking crisp red, white & blue and a more subtle vintage look version. You can see more photos here.
Also available, for those of you who like to picnic, is this original 1950s, absolutely gorgeous pale green polka dot Brexton picnic box. Complete with glass bottles, jars, knifes & forks and crockery! Lets hope the sun comes back very soon.

Thanks for popping by, Lucyxx

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