Having fun with some old news......

....well old newspapers anyway! An absolute cracker of a figure but her cover was in a terrible state so she got the vintage French and English newspaper treatment which I think is stunning. I absolutely love her but she had to go....all the way to the USA (hope she doesn't mind flying).

I used the lovliest advertisements to add to her charm. They really are gorgeous....elegant, nostalgic but mostly beautiful. Not sure our predecessors will be using the Sun (even the French equivalent) to decopage in the future! You can see more photos here http://www.corsetlacedmannequins.co.uk/catalog.php?item=236

I've also included a few other treasures for sale in the other departments......

Many thanks for popping by. Lucyxx
PS Sweet Willaims from my own garden....first ones I've ever grown....I'm chuffed to bits!!!

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The Red Velvet Shoe said...

She is lovely. When I someday achieve my dream of having a little vintage fashion atelier, that is exactly what I would like to show off in my window display! Hope she finds a happy home here in the US~~I wonder if she will surface in blog/on~line boutique land?

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