NEW Amy Butler Fabrics

I've always loved Amy Butlers bright, bold, contempory fabrics....they always bring a smile to my face! So I'm very pleased to say that I can now offer her fabrics tailored on one of my mannequins. The mannequin above is tailored with a vintage Amy Butler print and she is a very limited edition of just one! You can see her here ~ Amy Butler Limited Edition - Ceylon
Just take a peek at just a few of her latest offerings!! Absolutely mouth watering!
Imagine them tailored on a I'm so excited!
I am going to use Amy's fabric for my Limited Editions collection so do check back soon. Thanks for popping by, Lucyxx


Belinda said...

I can't wait to see them! I love Amy Butler. These are sure to be a hit.....can I order mine in advance??!! Belinda

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

These are going to be simply stunning, clever you for thinking of it!!

Zoe said...

Gorgeous and I spotted your lovely mannequin i the magazine. Everyone just loves my one - so pleased with her.

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