Apologies in advance....

......but I will have to post a photo whenever a new Amy Butler Limited Edition mannequin is finished. They are just so gorgeous!
Amy's fabrics have really caught my imagination and I'm longing to work with more of them. Not only are her fabrics wonderful but she, reading about her (I don't know her you understand!) is also a lovely lady and a shrewd businesswoman. I now always check that I can use fabrics to sell again and so it was a delight to know that AB thoroughly encourages it! Unlike a certain CK who sent her big London solicitors after me...me a minnow in the world of commerce! More about that another time perhaps.

I've also recently listed this gorgeous vintage c1935 French Stockman mannequin.
I couldn't believe my eyes when, as I removed the damaged Stockman cover, the old newspaper print revealed itself! I've had my fair share of damaged covers on antique mannequins but they rarely reveal such a history beneath. In fact, this is only the second one in my five years of collecting.
Its such a treat to know that this print has finally seen the light in over 80 years of being covered up. The adverts, illustrations and articles are a pleasure to look at and read (even if your French is poor like mine!)
Hope you are having a great weekend, Lucyxx
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