Naughty People!!

Well what can one say about this? Over the years I've had my share of copycats who have used my method of back lacing and even called their creations a Corset Laced Mannequin! I'm usually flattered and any competition has done me the world of good (nothing like a good kick up the backside to get you motivated) so I'm not complaining about them, although it is a little galling when they copy your wording too!

But I draw the line at people copying my images and trying to sell them on Ebay! Imagine my horror (after a glass of wine or two) when there she was......Alice being sold on Ebay when she was sitting just behind me!!

I have to admit that I was not best pleased and I may have been a touch rude to the very naughty seller. I couldn't understand why they had done it. What would have happened if they had sold the mannequin? Anyway, after a few, sometimes heated emails, later they changed the image. I'm just glad I copied the html page....I may have woken up the next day wondering if I had dreamt it all!!

The saddest thing is that I have now had to disable the "right click" on the website. I am more than happy to share my images with anyone...all I ask is that they add a line to say where they found it.

Now, I'm wondering if I shouldn't let one or two cheats spoil how I work??

How do you feel about image/word copying? Should we ignore it and keep plodding on regardless or be annoyed and fight back? Personally I've always been a hard working plodder!! Lucyxx
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