Vintage 1890s German Wasp Waisted Mannequin

Isn't she gorgeous!!!

This beautiful German wasp waisted mannequin dates from the 1890s and has the most gorgeous chocolate brown cover. The stunning turned tripod base is larger than normal creating a beautifully proportioned mannequin. She is definately German as I can just make out some German words on the underneath wooden board.

She is quite a petite little lady but what a figure....wasp wasited, amble bosom amd what a bottom!
I'm very much attached to this mannequin. She is so adorable.
I have to admit that I don't know very much about German mannequins so I shall have to look into them in more detail. Its a pity I can't make out the makers name. Ah will give me an excuse to surf the if I needed one!
Hope you are all well, Lucyxx

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