Vintage music sheets and posters....those were the days!!

It never ceases to amaze what people will throw away. Paper items seem to be thrown out more often than not. Thankfully there are some sensible people out there who agree that these gorgeous items from the past are worth hanging on to! Or at least a chap at my local bootsale thought they were worth keeping as I bought a few old music sheets from him a couple of Sundays ago.

Isn't she adorable!

The colours are muted and the corners a bit tatty but that just adds to the charm.

When I got them home I was reminded of some photos I took of these huge bill board posters. They were hanging on the staircase wall of a small stately country house. They are so large that I only managed to get a photo of the parts rather than the whole.

You can see each A4 sized piece which makes up the whole poster.
I'm going to frame the music sheets and hang them on my very modest stair wall. Don't think they will have quite the same impact but they will certainly add some colour.
Makes me wonder what we should be hanging on to and cherishing for future generations....catalogues, magazines, brochures...trouble is there are so many that I wouldn't know which ones to keep and which ones to recycle. Decisions, decisions!!!
Hope you're having a great weekend, Lucyxx


Ticking stripes said...

I was looking through some sheet music at a fair today wondering what I could do with it. Some of the covers are beautiful. I pick up old game boards for the same reason - lots of those are gorgeous too.

The Nonsense Fairy said...

Ahh what great finds!! I love sheet music, for the paper itself, I love using it to make things. :)

Your blog is beautiful may I add! Your collection of Mannequins are gorgeous! I just got an adjustable mannequin, a new one (as I cant find a mannequin with small enough measurements here where I live!) but Im making a cover for it with old papers, to put over the mannequin for photographs and decorative purpouses!

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