Its that time of year again....blackberry picking time!

My sister and I have been blackberry picking (along with a million other folk!). We have our favourite spot and over the years have found the best bushes to pick from. Legend has it that you must not pick blackberries after Michaelmas (29 September) as the devil has left his mark on the leaves by urinating on them! umm lovely. Thankfully these photos (and our picking) were taken last Sunday 27th so we should be OK.

It was a fabulous, sunny and very warm afternoon. I think it will be the last warm Sunday afternoon this year. This morning there was a definate nip in the air and a weather forecast of wind and rain for the weekend.....Autumn is here !
Hope you have a fab weekend....I will be working hard so I can complete my promised orders before taking a few days away with family. Lucyxx

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Lucy Loves Fabric said...

Wow, your photos are beautiful Lucy!! What a lovely day you must have had. The 27th was actually my birthday and shock horror, we actually had a bbq!! Most unusual, but I agree I think that is the last warm day. It's really miserable here today. Oh well... we have to embrace our seasons hey!

How are the mennequins going? Have you been busy?

Lucy xx

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