Planning a trip to Paris ?

Maybe my new gal could come in jolly useful?!
She's a new mannequin decoupaged using a vintage 1970s street map of Paris. The map was so beautiful with gorgeous colours and patterns that I had to use it.
I've already had some lovely comments so more City Gal's will be created soon. I just need vintage maps!
I am also going to use some vintage newspapers and magazines to create a less costly version of this fabulous vintage wasp waisted mannequin shown below.

With that, the new Amy Butler fabrics and Christmas just a round the corner, I'm going to have a very busy time ahead of me. Just as well I love what I do. See you soon, Lucyxx


The Queen's Jewels said...

These are amazing Lucy! I am so inspired! Kathie

The Queen's Jewels said...

Hello there! Just wanted to let you know I added your lovely blog to my blog roll! Have a great weekend! Kathie <3

Paris Atelier said...

Hi Lucy,
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and your fabulous work! Vintage maps and dress forms...genius and so beautiful. I feel so inspired now!
My best,

Vanessa said...

Hello! I absolutely loved all your mannequins!! They're adorable! btw do you sell only the neckblock/cap? I'm interested! Thank you very much! Best, Vanessa

Anonymous said...

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Galeria Dekolandia said...

super :)

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