Window's an art?

As you may know, a large portion of my fabulous customers are boutique and shop owners and they use my mannequins to dress their windows, enticing people in to view their wares (and hopefully buy something!).

The silly thing is that I've been in love with vintage mannequins and dressforms for such a long time that I have kind of forgotten why they existed in the first place ie to dress windows. Isn't that ridiculous of me! It wasn't until I acquired two fabulous vintage 1950s window dressing books that it sank home.

These are just a few of the gorgeous images taken from the books. Hope you enjoy them.

The outfits on these mannequins are divine 1950s chic! I can see why people are drawn to design clothes and the fashion industry.

I don't yet own one of these delightful lingerie busts but I have seen plenty on the web. Great to see them in this photo of a lingerie window, again from the 1950s.

and again here, milliners window display.

stockings and swimwear anyone?

I do hope images of todays shop windows are being taken. I'm sure that in 50 years time, they will be just as interesting and evocative of the period.

Window dressing is definitely an under valued art form in my humble opinion.

Have a great weekend, Lucyxx

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