New Tabletop Mannequins from CLM.....I've got the photos!!

Yes it has been a fabulous day here in Devon. It started with a very dense gray fog but this (slowly) changed to a bright, typically autumnal day. Perfect for photographing my new tabletop mannequin or at least some of my seamless ones (tailored to follow shortly). I hate to use artificial light and of course the flash is definately a no no so sometimes I have to wait for the sun to usually does and I'm off like a rocket to capture the light. Anyway, here they are...I hope you approve.

Seamless in Velvet Charcoal.

Seamless in Cappucino.

I can see these working perfectly for designers and have already had enquiries from crafts people looking for a display piece.

There are so many talented people out there doing the most amazing work. Either selling via their own websites or Misi, Etsy and Folksy. Why bother with the highstreet when you have such an array of unique, affordable, creative and beautiful pieces online (sorry high street!).

I'm off to look for Christmas gifts!

see you soon, Lucyxx


Vanessa said...

Wow! Absolutely loved the Capuccino!! So charming! Love, love love! Vanessa

Zoe said...

Sooooo looking forward to Miss Velvet Charcoal (I'll have to think of a suitable name for her)! Thank you for your help and advice yesterday.

Cynthia at A Shimmy in My Spirit said...

Wow a blog about vintage mannequins. How cool is that. I've had several over the years and now regret getting rid of them. What a fun blog.

Nihal said...

Oh my, this is such a lovely opportunity to talk about all things vintage -especially mannequins! In case we think all dress forms are the same, then we should take a look these different styles. Delightfully, gorgeously.

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