Magazines, TV ads, TV programmes......what next!

Cripes...I'm getting a wee bit scared now. I've been asked for photos of my mannequins for magazines, been asked if I would do a photo shoot of my home (they obviously thought I lived in one of those "perfect" wrong were they!), lent mannequins for magazine shoots and have even lent them for TV ads (coming to a TV near you next year), but today I was asked if I would appear on a new BBC 1 TV show!

"We aren't looking to cast struggling businesses, but rather want to set a warm and positive tone by focusing on small companies with brilliant, high quality and very British products that haven t yet been discovered by much of the country. It is a celebration of the UK s entrepreneurial spirit that aims to showcase the rich variety of consumables that we still manufacture. We're specifically hunting for businesses that are still operating on a small scale. Ideally they are producing their products themselves, perhaps even as a cottage industry."

Wow I thought!! Then the problem...I needed to be in London tomorrow!

I need at least a months notice for something like that (maybe two). It would take me weeks to find something suitable to wear! Then there's the new hairdo, manicure, pedicure and everythingelseicure!! On top of that I have many orders to complete before Christmas and I can't let my fabulous customers down. The lovely Mr BBC man did say that he would get back to me if they get a second series so I could still get my 15 seconds worth of fame...fingers crossed!

On a brighter note or at least a more definite one, my vintage mannequins are in the January edition of Good House Keeping magazine. Thank you Kate.

Right, back to the sewing machine for me. See you soon, Lucyxx

ps I've tried to make the site a bit more festive. I wanted snowflakes like last year but I can't find the widget.


cityfarmer said...

you've charmed the little white workout socks right off my feet ...I've been lurking here for some time now and have had you on my sidebar favorites for weeks...I hope some of my friends visit here. p.s.

go get the pedicure anyway ... you deserve it

Lee said...

You are an artist, just beautiful... congrats on being discovered.

MelMel said...

Snow flakes now found?

I'm so chuffed for you!
Such great things coming your way, well done, your CLM are beautiful!xxx

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