A match made in Heaven.

A lovely lady all the way from Spain ordered these two mannequins for her new boutique. I just think the combination is stunning and had to take a photo of them before they leave tomorrow. I'm tempted to smuggle myself in the box...I'm sure the weather in Spain is better than here. It's been grey and drizzly all day.

We did have a fabulous sunrise a few mornings ago. Look at that sky!

I'm on target for my Christmas mannequins and sent out 7 parcels today. Mr UPS was very impressed. He's a lovely chap and I must find a suitable gift...I think a pair of trousers might be nice or a pair of knee warmers! I could knit a pair but I don't have time. Does anyone know where I could find a pair?? (UPS chaps wear shorts even in this weather or at least my Mr UPS does). Second thoughts...a box of chocs might be easier.
Hope you are all well and not too wet! Lucyxx
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