New look for 2010

I loved the CLM birds but it was time for a change. I was going to wait to New Years Eve but I know I will be too busy then so I've gone ahead and updated the look now. I will make a few changes here and there, a few tweeks and adjustments more and then its done for another year. I think a change is a good thing...a bit like redecorating only far less of a hassle! I hope you approve.

I've had a very relaxing Christmas break. The Jury service which I was dreading but happy to do (one must do ones duty you know!) was cancelled just before Christmas. What a fabulous start to the festive period...I was so, so relieved.

I do hope your Christmas was a peaceful and happy one and that your New Year celebrations go with a bang. I'm off to my sisters for a 1920s evening...I love the period...the fashions and the music so I'm going to have a great time....I'm determined...Charleston here I come!

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FairyFiligree said...

This post looked too lonely so I decided to send you my comment - I fell in love with your blog, its mannequins and the beautiful romantic pictures you use. Thanks for the inspiration & hope you keep on blogging. Have a superb new year!!!

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