My poor old rain drenched soggy garden.........

or so I thought but take a closer look...............

......gorgeous even on the wettest of days.

Keeping up with Constance!

I often get a wonderful email from one of my lovely customers letting me know that their new gal (or chap) has settled in nicely and is looking fabulous in a bedroom, hallway or living room. Its a real treat for me to know, firstly (and most importantly) that they are happy with their purchase and, secondly, that one of my mannequins is enjoying an adoring audience!

So imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that one of my beautiful bubblegum pink seamless mannequins, named Constance, is writing her own blog Eclectic Eccentricity!

And here she is cutting a dash and showing off a stunning necklace from Electic Eccentricity online shop and website. Well worth a visit!

Hope you're having a great weekend. Lucyxx


A few more beauties to share!

I can't believe this weather we are having. I know I shouldn't be surprised, we are in England afterall, but why is it so bad! Not sure I can take anymore soggy washing off the line, wet toes through waterlogged shoes, soaking cats and moaning children! ah well onwards and upwards........thought you might like to see my latest beauties.

a gorgeous wasp wasited, rather petite young lady (soon to be added to the site).

A rather slendor 1920s English madam (happily installed in her new home in Australia, (I should have squeezed myself into the parcel with some nibbles & water. I could be soaking up the Australian sunshine....too late now)

An stunning c1910 mannequin decoupaged with original papers.

and finally, (this did bring a huge smile to my face when the postman delivered it), an original 1940 Stockman catalogue to add to my growing (I now have 3!) collection. You can see the rest of the catalogue here I did leave out the coat hangers section though....its far too exciting!

Have fun! Lucyxx

Hard Cheese!!!!!

I don't know why but Terry Thomas, Ian Carmichael and Alistair Sim sprang to mind in School for Scoundrels when I began working on this Union Jack covered male mannequin. Fantastic film made in 1960 so if you haven't seen it then you must....and thats an order!! That happened to me too....I became really bosy....very Sergeant Majorish!

I'm going to offer two versions of Jack......a striking crisp red, white & blue and a more subtle vintage look version. You can see more photos here.
Also available, for those of you who like to picnic, is this original 1950s, absolutely gorgeous pale green polka dot Brexton picnic box. Complete with glass bottles, jars, knifes & forks and crockery! Lets hope the sun comes back very soon.

Thanks for popping by, Lucyxx

Having fun with some old news......

....well old newspapers anyway! An absolute cracker of a figure but her cover was in a terrible state so she got the vintage French and English newspaper treatment which I think is stunning. I absolutely love her but she had to go....all the way to the USA (hope she doesn't mind flying).

I used the lovliest advertisements to add to her charm. They really are gorgeous....elegant, nostalgic but mostly beautiful. Not sure our predecessors will be using the Sun (even the French equivalent) to decopage in the future! You can see more photos here

I've also included a few other treasures for sale in the other departments......

Many thanks for popping by. Lucyxx
PS Sweet Willaims from my own garden....first ones I've ever grown....I'm chuffed to bits!!!
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