Good enough to eat...

...but probably not very good for your digestive system.  Thats my new Mulberry Home Limited Edition mannequin with shades of peaches and cream.  Oh dear...there I go does get very difficult dreaming up blog posts just about my mannequins.  I love them and I know lots of other people do too but I've come to the conclusion that a blog simply about my new creations is very dull (not before time I hear you shout!).  So I'm asking, no pleading, with other bloggers to tell me what motivates them to blog and what the perfect blog entry should be about.  I promise not to nick your ideas but a bit of inspiration would be greatly appreciated. 

Where was I.....oh yes Grace my new Limited Edition Mulberry Home mannequin!!!

After all that I don't think she looks very much like shades of peaches and cream!  Hope your blog posts are causing you less hassle.  Lucyxx
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