Time to play....spot the Corset Laced Mannequin!

A few posts ago I intimated that a couple of my gals would be turning their hands to acting.  Well I'm pleased to say that they have been very successful and have been out and about working on a shoot for an advert!  Maybe you have already seen them?  Ophelia and Poppy strutting their stuff in a Dreams Beds advert...yes...no? Don't worry follow this link to see them in action and play "Spot the mannequin".

Poppy's Dreams Beds advert
Ophelia's Dreams Beds advert

All joking aside I'm absolutely thrilled.  Of course they were never going to be the centre of attention but its fab to see one of your own creations on the telly!  Many thanks to Katy for the opportunity.

ps After looking through so many of the Dreams Adverts searching for my gals, Roy Orbison's "You've got it" is swilling around in my head never to leave!  I suppose that's the power of advertisng. So be warned!! Lucyxx
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