.....where does it go! I've been very busy but don't seem to have achieved much since Christmas. I was raring to get back to work and my sewing machine after all the festivities but the weather has completely thrown me off kilter. I love the snow and have had some fabulous walks but I have to admit (I'm whispering so my children don't here)....I've had enough! Deliveries have been held up. Collections too. Everything is disorganised. My brain doesn't know what to do next which generally means it does nothing. Not a good start to the new year. More snow forecast for Sunday/Monday so yet more disruption....oh dear what a grump!
On the plus side the cold weather has brought some pretty visitors into my garden. I've always feed the birds but I have gone bonkers with loads of lovely bird food. They are very grateful, I'm sure....they better be...its costing a fortune!

long tailed tits

bluetits and gold finches

a beautiful redwing

and of course a robin.

I've had a few more vintage gal's to add to the website too.....

and some plain but very pretty vintage powder blue crockery.

On a final note I have to report that the New Years 1920s party was great fun! I definately got into character as this photo of me looks nothing like me! More a female 1920s version of Alistair Darling! Check out those eyebrows.....they don't go with blonde hair!!

toodle..oo, Lucyxx


Stefanie Valentine said...

Aww those birds are cute, we always put a bit of food out for them in the winter too.
The crockery is lovely and you look really good as a flapper! xx

MelMel said...

wow, you loook fab in the picyure!
Happy NY...xxx

WendyGK said...

The snow does bring out all the pretty ones. I had to buy a bird book when I was in Britain so I would know the names of all of them. Stay warm.

Fairyfiligree said...

The picturs are gorgeous - fit for a Christmas card! Wow. I'm heading for London tonight, so am hoping to see some snow which never happens where I come from.

Miss Baptista said...

Hello Lucy,

You looked gorgeous at newyears eve !


Miss Baptista

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