Chandeliers, mannequins and Ebay

I've been so busy with mannequins that I have neglected my chandeliers.  Selling vintage lighting on Ebay is where I started working for myself.  Previously I have been, among other things, a waitress, chamber maid, adminstrator and finally an accountant.  When my children were born I was fortunate to be able to be a full time mum.  As they grew I grew becoming a pre-school play leader.  As they started primary school it was time for me to move on again and my Ebay business grew and grew.  I then discovered my love of mannequins.  I'd always had a thing for fabrics and what better way to use it than covering mannequins. Corset Laced Mannequins was born and I've never looked back except to wonder at how differerent my life would be without cutting my (small) business teeth on Ebay. 

I listed these chandeliers on Ebay last night.  You can see more photos and, if you are in need of a vintage chandelier perhaps have a bid, here on Absolutely*Vintage
and just for a bit of inspiration, take a peek at these fabulous rooms...I didn't win the Euro lottery (probably helps if you buy a ticket!) but if I did I would be dreaming of rooms like these.

Hope you are having a wonderfully romantic day. Lucyxx

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Stefanie Valentine said...

Woah, those room are very impressive, i want them! And you just reminded me about the euro millions, i totally forgot about a ticket, damn i could've one as well! xx

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