It's a small world...especially in Period Ideas

I'm chuffed today as a fabulous photo of my Union Jack male mannequin was featured in April's Period Ideas magazine.   The first time that CLM has been featured in this particularly mag so another one to mark off the list!

and take a look at the armchair!  Isn't it fabulous and only £2,800!  Might have to pass on that one but its an idea for my leather armchair. If you click on the photo you can see the whole chair.

As I was reading through I noticed a bed which seemed very was Clare's from

Then further on again I noticed an ad by Liz of
Isn't it clever!  It really did spring off the page and made me laugh too!

Many thanks to Period Ideas and special thanks to Sarah.


Laine de Bergère said...

Wow! A. xx

Zoe said...

Well done. I love this mannequin and the chair!

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