My busy day...working and playing.

I've been on a mission today...taking photos of my new vintage mannequin.  I've been working on her for weeks, on and off, and finally the time came to photograph her.  I love her!  The fabric is absolutely stunning...reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement and perfect for her beech stand.  I wanted something a little different from my usual photogaphing spot and I'm lucky to have a brother with a fabulous, English eccentric taste. 

You can see more photos of her and a new vintage S shaped mannequin by clicking here.

 Whilst I was working (its not really working is it!), I took some other photos of his batchelor pad.  I love the colours and all the interesting paintings, portraits and curiosties.
I think his curios cabinet deserves sharing too, don't you? All have been collected over the years at bootsales, charity shops and even dug up from the garden.  Click on the photos to see a larger image.
I think another visit with my camera is in order soon. 
Thank you Seymour, Lucyxx

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Stefanie Valentine said...

WOW! His house is amazing! I want to live there! You could spend all day looking at the wonderful things there! xx

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