Order trends and yummy combinations.

I've noticed a trend on the customer ordering front lately.  Shop owners are buying a complimenting pair of mannequins...one in a tailored fabric and the other in a seamless fabric. 

here is Beth with my new Velvet Aubergine
Emily with Crushed Velvet Lipstick

This is of course very sensible and offers good value for an eye catching window display.  The tailored mannequins make a statement in their own right and the seamless mannequins are a perfect, budget priced, companion.  I've been thinking of other useful combinations.  Hope you agree that they work? 

Grace with Biscuit
Cecilia with Cappuccino

Kate with Crushed Velvet Claret
Ophelia with Crushed Velvet Champagne

It's Saturday but no time to rest...
  • I have mannequins to pack for dispatch on Monday
  • Crystals to hang on chandeliers
  • Photos to take of gorgeous chandeliers
  • and finally listing these gorgeous chandeliers on Ebay this evening more on that later.
Hope you are having a fab, busy weekend too, Lucyxx


Trisha said...

Your mannequins are just utterly gorgeous!

Trisha Evans
A Vintage White

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

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