Recovering my leather armchair...decisions, decisions...

I've rather neglected my home lately.  I've been too busy to even think about the little bits and pieces that NEED to be done.  However, I have decided that I MUST take time out to complete these jobs on my mental to do list.  And I'm starting with my lovely old leather armchair which sits quietly and with charm in my sitting room.  It needs a new cover for the seat.  It came to me without a cushion so I bought one probably a year ago and have been meaning to get the job done ever since.  The chair came from our local tip, can you believe anyone would throw it out! 
Heres how it looks now...
It's not even a proper cover!  Just the fabric wrapped around it.  I should, and I am, ashamed of myself...its not as if I can't sew!
The thing is I need some help deciding on the fabric. I have plenty in my fabric stash to choose from, perhaps too much, so I've gone through and selected the ones I think will work the most.
I have decided on a few musts...

the fabric has got to be hard wearing (so decoupaging is out!)
it can't be too light as I have messy cats
it has to fit in with the rest of the room
it also has to make a statement (I think the chair deserves it)

So here are my choices so far. 

This is a plain vintage olive green woven fabric.  Slightly irredescent and it picks out the green in my artichoke oil painting on the wall.  What do you think?  maybe too plain?

Two jazzy Prestigious (I think)  fabrics, one in a duck egg blue and the other in a reddy orange.  Too funky for me?

Another green but this time floral by Designers Guild.  I quite like this one.  It's quite contemporary but does it look abit like camoflage fabric?!
Next is a Laura Ashley with stripes and roses. On the right is a bright Cath Kidston floral.  Perhaps they are too light?
Next, a red floral by Romo and then Laura Ashleys Wisley (love it on my mannequins, not sure about my armchair).

I'm completely undecided but I can look over these images and have a good think, although I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't go back to the drawing board as I'm not sure any of them fits the bill.  I'll probably end up not being able to choose and my poor old armchair will spend another year or so uncovered!

So if you could lend me a hand and tell me which you prefer, I would be very much obliged. Lucyxx


Laine de Bergère said...

I like the reddy orange jazzy seems to complement the classic leather. Good luck! A. xx

Fairysteps said...

What choice!!!
I like the Laura Ashley stripes and roses and if it was me I would overdye this fabric to tone it down to the right level for the chair. It just sort of fits it me thinks!
Looking forward to the finished pictures! Ren x

LoloDesigns said...

I like the red floral one at the bottom, and I do like the other orange/red one. Plain green is nice colour but would need jazzing up a bit I think. Happy choosing!! x

FairyFiligree said...

Quite a dilemma! I actually think the red material it's got on it right now suits it best. the others are either too loud, too light, too girlie... this needs strong mature designs - the kind which remind you of grandpa....& his pipe

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I like the jazzy red/orange one the best - it seems to compliment the colors of the leather most successfully - though, perhaps, a little tan over-dying would help lose some of the loudness of the print.

However, the print that would work IMO best with the chairs is the ecru/wine floral on top in the bottom photo. It would also need to be over-dyed. But it is reminiscent of arts and crafts movement, which the chairs seem to be inspired by.

Good luck!

(I wish people would throw out perfectly nice leather chairs in the states!)

The Vintage Kitten said...

The chair is gorgeous. Im a Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston girl but I think the material that suits the chair best is the green floral Designers Guild X

Donna said...

My vote goes to the Prestigious reddy/orange print. Love your blog, always read it but have never commented before. I have a blog of my own but life is so hectic I don't seem to have time for it and I always forget to take pictures!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

many thanks for your help on this one. Seems like dyeing might be a way to go. still can't decide but hopefully will have a completed cover to photo soon. Lucyxx

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