I love mirrors.  I have them grouped in my bathroom, stairway, hallway and even in my kitchen.  They give so much more than just a reflection.  They add interest and texture.  Light and colour.
I love these wonderfully shaped frameless mirrors......
smaller mirrors with larger frames......
bright and bold painted frames (hope these weren't antique mirrors!!)
a rich gilt pattern here....
many different mirror styles on this fabulous stairway.

Personally I like to have a theme when I'm grouping my mirrors.  My bathroom is minute and I feel frameless yet elegantly shaped mirrors work best here.  In my kitchen I have all round mirrors of different sizes and shapes.  Stairway is a mix of mirrors and pictures but I'm wondering if I shouldn't just have mirrors...umm...maybe a move about is in order.
These mirrors are for sale at the CLM website. I hope to have a few more listed soon so if you are looking for a new view of your home then do take a peek. Lucyxx
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