Wonderful 1920s fashion adverts.

I've always felt just a tinge of guilt when I have used original vintage newspapers to decoupage my mannequins with.  I remind myself that they are probably going to last and be seen longer on a mannequin (with several coats of a good lacquer) than they would left to rot in a drawer.  My dilemma is when there are two stunning advertisments on both sides of the paper!  thankfully technology (don't you just adore it) has come to my rescue.  I can and have been scanning and storing them.  I can't use them to decoupage as the ink would run and I only sell original vintage paper mannequins but I can look back at them and, of course, share them with you.  So here are just a few...   

...aren't they fabulous!  I love the "Boudoir or Smoking Suit" the most. 
How times have changed!
Hope your day is a good one. Lucyxx
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