Bringing Spring home...

Another successful Sunday spent scouring tabletops for vintage goodies.  My best find were these stunning pussy willows...not vintage but brand spanking new and bursting with life.  I'm going to watch them with ever increasing wonder as they open up fully.
I've also decided on the fabric for my leather armchair.  Needless to say I haven't completed the project but its amazing that I have gotten this far ie made a decision!  Many  thanks to those of you who helped me and commented on my choices in an earlier post.  I've actually decided on a completely new fabric.  It's a bitter chocolate brown chenille with duck egg blue florals...rather lovely I think. 

For the moment the fabric is tucked in just like the last one, which was like that for months.  I will get it done but I'm so busy at the moment.  I should really be sewing now but blogging has become a very important part of my teabreak.

A few other bargains were found at the booty yesterday, a lovely vintage biscuit tin, a fabulous gilded triple dressing table mirror and some fabulous fabric remnants bought from a lovely lady, Sarah, who runs an upholstery company in Totnes.  I think these will be turn into some stunning cushion covers...when I find the time!! 

I'm also listing two fabulous chandeliers on Ebay tonight.

Right...I really must get back to Brian, my Brother sewing machine.  See you soon, Lucyxx


Laine de Bergère said...

Oh! that's perfect...(the fabric I mean)
And thank you for posting a picture of the Mum used to give me a bouquet of these every Spring when I was little. I called them 'des minous!'...I think she liked the way I fell in love with it each year...Minou is a pet name for kitten in French...(I haven't had a bouquet for many years now, so thanks!!)
A. xx

Sheila said...

Please post more photos of the pussy willows when they open .. I have always loved brown and blue together it is so elegant and rich looking. Sheila

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

Hi Sheila, I certainly will...just for you! Lucyxx

Stefanie Valentine said...

Oh the pussy willows are lovely, they are very beautiful plants. Great choice for the fabric, i can't wait to see the chair completed!
PS, i hope you liked this week's Tuesday's Totty!

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