Busy weekend and a new mannequin.

I've been so busy over the weekend painting and sorting my workroom.  Hopefully for the last time.  I've painted the walls, shelves and even Brian my sewing machine! I've created a cutting table, albeit a small one, from my workstation by chopping the legs down and putting a new wooden and oilcloth on top....I think its coming along nicely.   A few more things to sort out...I have a new thread holder coming and a huge ideas board to hang but then its done. Thank goodness.  I've been putting off this task for fear of it all taking too long and my work being held up but I have to say that a pretty, well designed workroom is essential.  Let's face it I'm in it for hours each day and I'm sure I'll enjoy my work even more in such a lovely environment.
Still needing a bit more work but I'm getting there.

Here's my new mannequin, Amelia.  I love this pretty fabric.  It's full of Summer shades and fills me with joy whenever I see her.  I might even make a blind with this stunning fabric...for my workroom of course!  The fabric comes in five colourways too.
You can see more of Amelia on the CLM website.

If you're looking for inspiration for your workroom I suggest you take a peek at the Flickr group here called Sewing RoomsThere are some wonderful, colourful, efficient workrooms out there.

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