A few new pretties....

What a busy few days it has been.  Sewing and packing, packing and sewing!  It's nice to take a break for an afternoon and catch up on getting some new vintage goodies on the website.  So I've been photographing and writing up details on the site.  Talking of photography, I've got the Flickr bug.  I've had an account with them for ages but have never really used it properly.  Its absolutely fantastic!  I've posted lots of images, some connected with CLM and some just because I think they are lovely and want to share them.  I can see photography being a new hobby.  If you haven't already thought of using Flickr, get over there and take a peek, it's fabulous but finish reading my blog first! 

The first is a lovely rather subdued primitive oil painting on an oval frame.  Simply divine!
another oil painting, this one a little brighter and more vibrant on a painted distressed frame
A gorgeous jug and glasses set...roll on Summer...please!!!!!
incredibly pretty bone china trios...there are six sets and I don't think these will hand around for long.  Perfect for that Summer high tea. (if I mention Summer enough we might get one!)
and last but not least this darling little dancer.  Sorry, she isn't for sale.  I just had to share her with you.  Isn't she lovely.

Here's the link for Flickr
and of course my website Corset Laced Mannequins (why did I choose such a long name!)



LoloDesigns said...

Beautiful goodies, especially that teaset. You're right be surprised if they stay on there for long! x

FairyFiligree said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty - just my kind of things. Where on earth do you dig them out from!?!?!

Heidi said...

Love,love,love the oval painting is that for sale?

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

Hello Heidi, yes it is for sale at www.corsetlacedmannequins.co.uk

Happy Easter, Lucyxx

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