New tableware stock added this afternoon!

Hello!  I hope the weekend Mothering Sunday festivities went well for you all.  My usual early trip to the bootsale was not terribly successful but I just love an excuse to have a rummage around in other peoples junk! and it gives me a good reason for an afternoon nap...heaven!

I've been busy today, packing first and then decoupaging and then photographing and listing new stock for my poorly depleted tableware category.

These super pretty hand painted set is dated around 1930s.  These would cheer up any tea party.
I love the powder blue of these sweet dessert bowls.  The floral motif just adds that extra touch of vintage loveliness.
A pair of very useful glass vases with style to boot!
An unusual set of coasters featuring birds.
pretty cream and roses jugs for lemonade or as a flower vases perhaps.
A set of six glasses with gilded floral pattern.  These really are making me think of the warm Summer months ahead of us.

There's also a very lovely antique mahoghany tabletop mirror too.

If you want to see more details of these new items please go to the CLM website.
I'm off for a cup of tea and to check up on my decoupaging.  Many thanks for visiting, Lucyxx


Stefanie Valentine said...

I love that mirror, when we finally get our own place i want a lovely vintage dressing table with a big mirror like that! So glam! x

Laine de Bergère said...

precious pieces! I am relieved to be doing crochet today since this post inspires me more to crochet lace!! A. xx

marta said...

such fun things around here! thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog! i wanted to let you know i updated my website to am excited to browse your pretty space. happy weekend. xo.

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