To buy or not to buy.....

...that's the big question.  I'm not really a lover of cars, you know, those people that get excited about speed, design, MPG and all the other things that seem like another language to me but I do love to see a vintage car and better still to own one!  I've owned a couple.  The first was a 1963 mini.
Before the children were born I had one of these little cuties...

an MG Midget in red with chrome and wire wheels and it was all shiny and just the cutest little darling car ever...but too small for a young family.  It was worth giving up my baby car for two even more amazing babies!
But now I have one of these...

a blue, rather tatty VW Polo!  Reliable, efficient, etc, etc but not much fun.
So I have decided that I really do need one of these...

a Nissan Figaro
so beautiful
like a row of beech huts...divine!
My only decision is which colour to choose.  
Have a great weekend, Lucyxx   
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