Two new vintage gal's and a row of colourful Dames.

I've been busy with a vintage Stockman mannequin and some gorgeous rich, sumptuous, chenille fabric.  I've really enjoyed my latest recovering projects.  Do you remember my Buste Girard palest green mannequin? I have a few other mannequins which I want to recover but its important to use the right fabric for the right mannequin.  After all, they will be paired with each other for some time so I have to "live" with both the mannequin and the fabric for a while to see whether they really go together.  I feel that the fabric should enhance the mannequin shape and reflect her age.  I have been tempted to use a very modern vibrant fabric but I'm just not brave enough.  Perhaps I should.  I'd love to know what you think about that...a very modern fabric on a vintage mannequin...yes or no?

This mannequin has a fabulous adjusting mechanism.
and I've updated the photos on these gorgeous velvet seamless mannequins too.
I think these velvet covers would be perfect for the male mannequins too.  Better get back to work in my nearly completed refurbished workroom.  Who am I will never be completely finished but heres  my new thread holder.
I've even got room for my vintage threads too. Beautiful!
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