Easter weekend plans....

I have a plan for this weekend.  As well as all the Easter festivities ie eating lots of chocolate, organising an Easter Egg hunt, cooking a lovely Easter Sunday dinner etc, etc,  I'm going to start (and finish!) my quilting idea.  I saw it on a blog somewhere.  It's very simple and requires no talent at all!  I started with scraps of my union jack fabric.  My daughter wants me to turn it into a cushion for her bedroom. 

As you can see its very simple.  Strips of fabric stitched on to a fabric with a wadding sandwiched in between. 
Looking through my scrap fabric basket I have lots to choose from.

I'm going to use fabrics with shades of pink.
I've cut up some peices.  This is where a cutting mat and cutter comes in very handy.
I want to make something useful.  Something that gets used alot in my home.  So after a bit of thought, I've decided to use an old bathmat and turn it into a lovely new bathmat!
I need about three 1" piles of cut fabric.  I've laid some of the pieces on to the mat here. 
I think it looks abit tatty.  Might need to play with the layout.  Then all I need to do is pin the pieces on, stitch through the layers and finish off the edges.  I'm going to use a pretty fabric for the edges and the bottom layer so it will be double sided. 
Well that's my plan for a crafty weekend.  Hope I can fit it in. Also would like to visit a Anthony House (which was used in the latest Alice in Wonderland film) and look at a Nissan Figaro!!
Lastly, I have to show you my new mannequin Rose....

...more pretty fabric!  I just wish the weather would match the Summery fabrics I'm using at the moment!  No doubt I will post over the weekend so speak soon.

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