a mixed horde...

The weather continues to put a spring in my step.  It means that working later into the evening possible ( I only sew in natural light).  Its amazing how much you can do on a lovely sunny evening.  Make tea, put another load of washing on, bring in the washing off the line, take some photos, pull a few weeds out, order collections for tomorrows dispatches, pack tomorrows dispatches and of course write a small blog post...these are my latest new items added to CLM.
These little scamps are full of character.  Makes me want to get a puppy but I've enough on my plate.
This is a lovely tapestry picture.  The colours are quite subdued which I like. 

The prettiest dressing table set here featuring bluebirds.  So sweet!
These single dressing table mirrors are very popular.  Its strange how you don't see them  for ages then a few crop up in just a few days.
Lastly, a pair of pink floral bedside table lamps by Laura Ashley.

Right I've done all my chores it's time for Wednesday Club!  A small gathering of family in my sisters shed (she calls it a cabin!) for a drink and a chin wag.
Hope you have a great evening.  Lucyxx
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