My restful Sunday afternoon...

I'm up early for the Sunday morning ritual of my local bootsale (no great finds this week) and in the afternoon I'm usually to be found slumped on the settee watching a classic British film.   However,  a gentle walk through the gardens of Castle Drogo seemed like a nicer option.  The weather wasn't fantastic but it did keep dry and thats good enough for me.  The magnolia's were just beginning to show...they are so beautiful.  The rhodedendroms where all but finished...not my favourite flower so I wasn't too upset.

Will have some new pretty crockery on my website in a few days, including some pretty teapots and more vintage cake stands...perfect for an English Summer's garden tea party!  I can smell the cucumber sandwiches already.
photo courtesy of Country Living

Have a lovely evening, Lucyxx 

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Hesta Nesta said...

Hi Lucy
The gardens look absolutely stunning, and I could just eat some cucumber sandwiches with a lovely cup of tea in a fine bone china cup!! Looking forward to the better weather.
Jo xxxx

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