on my windowsill...

...this fabulous weather is making everything grow and grow.  My windowsill in full of pretty pink and red geraniums and polygoniams.  My father in law brought them all the way down from Northumberland over Easter and now they look stunning.  I could sit and stare at them all day.
my David Austin rambling rose is also flourishing but rather small at the moment.  I'm going to train it against the wooden fence.

In a few years I hope it will look like this...

Remember the pussy willow?  I still have it and it is sprouting tiny green shoots!
My peonies are coming up.  Tiny rhubarb looking spikes.  You would never guess what beautiful blooms will follow in a few weeks....I can't wait to see them again.
And these are suger snap peas being brought on before transplanting into the allotment.
and finally a little pixie found running about in the garden! 
What a little darling!!
see you soon, Lucyxx
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